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MTN warns customers of VIP number scam

MTN, photo by Gift Ndolwane, CAJ News
MTN, photo by Gift Ndolwane, CAJ News

JOHANNESBURG – MTN has alerted its customers to a scam perpetrated by bogus agents of the mobile network operator.

MTN, photo by Gift Ndolwane, CAJ News

In this scam, a supposed MTN agent approaches individuals or companies attempting to sell very important person (VIP) mobile numbers claiming that MTN will automatically register a VIP mobile number on customer’s behalf for a fee of up to R20 000 per number.

The VIP mobile number is an easy-to-remember number.

The bogus agent tricks the victim and made them believe that the VIP SIM card they bought has been registered and it will be activated after an hour.

“Only after few hours, when they still can NOT use the new SIM card, then only realise that its fraud,” MTN stated.

Fraudsters obtain a VIP mobile number illegally through SIM swap or porting.

They sell this fraudulently obtained number, but as soon as the legitimate customer queries the fraud, the number is reversed back to the original owner and the customer who “bought” the SIM card is out of pocket.

MTN urged customers not to respond to these VIP number calls.

Customers have been urged to report these scams to the South African Police Service (SAPS) and to MTN through the fraud desk at CRFraudqueries@mtn.com .

– CAJ News


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