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MTN shelves automatic 1MB universal bundle

MTN South Africa Executive for Consumer Business Unit Mapula Bodibe
MTN South Africa Executive for Consumer Business Unit Mapula Bodibe

JOHANNESBURG – MTN has, because of customer concerns, reversed its intention to make an automatic 1MB universal bundle available to customers when their bundles expire.

MTN SA Executive in charge of Consumer Business Unit, Mapula Bodibe

The initial move was in accordance with the additional changes brought about by Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), a day prior to the implementation of the amended End User and Subscriber Service Charter (EUSSC).

The aim of the automatic 1MB universal bundle was to ensure that customers would remain connected and would have avoided customers being cut off mid-session.

“Our customers have made it clear that they do not want the automatic bundle option and we have therefore taken the decision not to implement the change,” said Mapula Bodibe, MTN SA Executive: Consumer Business Unit.

She said they remained committed to compliance and respect both the intention and spirit of the regulations and laws that govern the sector.

“We have also heard the concerns raised by our customers in response to this proposed offering,” explained Bodibe.

She said the automatic bundle was designed to better serve customers’ connectivity needs and at low rate.

“Currently, all customers that have not actively chosen to opt into OOB usage remain blocked from using OOB data, as per MTN’s implementation of the EUSSC regulations in February this year.

MTN on Friday implemented an improved and simplified OOB menu on the USSD short code *135*6#.

The updated menu offers customers two simple choices, to either opt-in or to opt-out of OOB usage and they can block and unblock this functionality, as they choose.

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