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Msholozi ups fight against substance abuse

High crime rate in local communities
Unemployed youths committing crime in South Africa's local communities, file photo

MBOMBELA, (Mpumalanga Guardian)
– THE community of Msholozi in Mpumalanga is concerned at the level of abuse of drugs and alcohol, which they believe is contributing to a rise in crime.

Community leaders, parents, sponsors and children from different schools expressed their displeasure during a recently-concluded march held at the local football field.

The Department of Social Development organised the event.

“The community is facing many challenges such as high rate of crime,
house burglary, rape, prostitution, theft, armed robbery. That is why we planned this march,” said Sihle Mhlongo, the co-coordinator of the

Social workers also lamented that parents were neglecting their children because of beer and drugs.

“When we visit homes, we find children alone while their parents are out drinking and getting high. Children get burned because they do not have elders to take care of them,” said child welfare social worker, Jabu Shabangu.

“Parents and guardians also use grant money supposed to take care of the children and use it on substances like drugs and alcohol,” Shabangu added.

The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
(SANCA) warned the community of the dangers of substance abuse.

“Taking too much alcohol damages brain cells. The person who is addicted does not only suffers damage to some body parts but hurts people close to him/her like families and community members,” said Nosipho Mathokwane from SANCA.


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