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‘Roaring 20s’ poised to power South Africa’s digital future

Huawei Cloud AI
Huawei Cloud AI

JOHANNESBURG – THE fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks (5G), artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing have emerged as the catalysts to transform South Africa’s digital future.

These, combined with the implementation of skills related to these technologies and the natural human skills of its people, could grow the country’s economy.

Eventually, this would ensure the best possible quality of life for South Africa’s citizens.

That was the prevailing message to come out of a virtual event held by Huawei, the global information and communications technology (ICT) company, on Thursday.

The event explored the above-mentioned technologies and their potential to transform South Africa at an economic and societal level.

The technologies are part of the new “Roaring 20s”, a decade where technology and innovation drive significant improvements in the way humans do business, work, live and play.

Arthur Goldstuck, the ICT analyst, pointed out that while South African businesses are aware of the need to adopt technologies such as AI, there was often a shortfall when it came to implementation.

“This is largely down to a skills shortage,” Goldstuc, the World Wide Worx founder, said at the event.

“But there are a lot of promising initiatives, including Huawei’s university partnerships aimed at decreasing that shortage.”

Goldstuck also pointed out that AI on its own can only go so far and will have its most meaningful impact when combined with other technologies, including robotic process automation, cloud-based business modelling, 5G and Blockchain.

The impact of these technologies is already being seen in several industries.

“The digital storm is upon us,” Goldstuck said.

He pointed to the demise of physical music compact discs (CDs) as one of the most powerful examples of how rapidly industries can be disrupted.

Michael Langeveld, Vice President Africa Cloud Business at Huawei, concurred.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is accelerating our pace towards an intelligent world,” he said.

“The impact is translated into the digitalisation of industries across the board,” Langeveld said.

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