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New health-monitoring tech tool for SA employers


by DION HENRICK in Cape Town
CAPE TOWN – AN innovation launched by a group of Cape Town-based entrepreneurs has been hailed as a perfect example of how South African technology is rising to the challenge of reimaging shared work-spaces in the coronavirus (COVID-19) era.

Launched this week, HealthID helps employers comply with new government regulations that stipulate they should not only screen employees for signs of COVID-19 infection but must specifically create and maintain a database outlining the health status of individual workers.

It has been introduced as more South Africans return to work in May, at a time workplaces re-designed to combat infection, while simultaneously reassuring workers, are seen as the new priority.

“It’s doubtful any reputable employer would want to incur the wrath of Department of Labour inspectors by recording something as serious as COVID-19 employee data in a paper book at reception,” Evangelis Hatzipolychronis, the HealthID spokesperson.

The spokesperson said, “In these unprecedented times, that type of slapdash approach is unforgivable.”

Hatzipolychronis explained HealthID helped small and medium enterprises and corporates alike on COVID-19 workplace compliance by creating digital, realtime health registers that include complete health audit trails for entire workforces.

This, according to the innovators of HealthID, boosts confidence in employers and helps location-bound workers feel secure in their work environments.

“It’s important for employers to demonstrate to all external and internal stakeholders that they are taking proactive steps rooted in the most up-to-date technologies to beat the greatest threat thus far to a whole generation of South Africans,” Hatzipolychronis said.

He added the new contactless health surveillance tool was low cost and secure as well as providing employers with a verifiable third party tool that confirms government-mandated protocols were being implemented properly.

According to reports, over 2 300 inspections have already taken place to determine if South African employers are screening and recording data relevant to the presence of COVID-19 in the workplace.

HealthID is paired in the workplace with the recently-launched 4ORT solution, which in 2019 became the world’s first ‘fraud-free’ dynamic Quick Response(QR) code to be used for access control, digital ticketing, loyalty programmes and many other applications dependent on the secure encryption of personal identity within controlled environments.

HealthID adds an up-to-the-minute digital database element applicable to the current pandemic.

“We’ve taken the challenge of creating secure workplaces and come up with a practical solution to get South Africa back to work, confidently,” Hatzipolychronis concluded.

South Africa has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the African continent, at over 11, 000 and more than 200 deaths at the time of going to press on Tuesday.

– CAJ News