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Mpumalanga Guardianwww.mpguardian.co.za is a publication wholly black-owned and managed by South African media company, Centre for African Journalists (CAJ) News Africa.

It is the trusted provincial media voice for Mpumalanga province, providing accurate news information – mainly Travel & Tourism, Agriculture, Service Delivery, Energy, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Finance & Banking, Mining, among others.
The publication is in line with advancing the quest of the province as “The Place Where The Sun Rises.”

Mpumalanga Guardian is the largest provincial digital media company that promotes local Agriculture, Travel & Tourism, Food & Beverage, Energy Sector, Service Delivery, ICT, Entrepreneurship, Mining, Arts & Culture and Sport. 
Mpumalanga Guardian is among the fastest growing Web / Mobile based networks across South Africa and beyond.
The publication intends to exceed 4,5 million unique visitors a month that collectively account for 48 million page views and 23 million minutes spent across web and mobile, with businesses across Agriculture, Travel & Tourism, Food & Beverage, Service Delivery, ICT, Energy, Finance & Banking, General News, eCommerce, Arts & Culture, Sport, Classifieds, Startup Investments and local partnerships.

Mpumalanga Guardian is always available to help local, national and international organizations keen to expand their reach throughout the province and across South Africa using our online media platform.

Mpumalanga Guardian boasts award winning journalists nurtured by parent company Centre for African Journalists (CAJ) News Africa. They carry decades of prestige associated with journalism excellence helping start-ups, new and old businesses through dynamic digital products.

Mpumalanga Guardian has interests in print, electronic and digital business, as well as emerging magazines to give credible voice to Mpumalanga province’s industries inAgriculture / Farming, Travel & Tourism, Energy, Service Delivery, ICT, Finance & Banking, Entrepreneurs, Investment, Infrastructure Development, Local Government, Cash & Carry, Political Parties, Workers Unions, Education, Arts and Culture.